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How to put together a team of subagents.


Working with sub agents can be the best option for a bookie that seeks to grow his betting business, expand into new territories and markets, attract more customers and of course improve his monthly income. But if it is not done correctly working with sub-agents it can be a hell generating problems to the business and causing the bookie to lose money, reputation or customers.
With the expansion that the US betting market is experiencing, having a good team of sub-agents is one of the best ways to take advantage of this situation and obtain a competitive edge in the states where the game is being legalized.
To help bookies put together their team of sub-agents, here are a series of recommendations.
Understand the sales process
The subagents will acquire bettors for the betting site or what is the same they are going to sell the betting site in the name of the bookie. What both the bookie and the subagent have to be clear about is how this process will work, what will be the strategies that the sub-agent will implement to attract clients, who are responsible for each stage of the process since the sub-agent enters in contact with the potential bettor until he makes his first bet and what are the processes and protocols to follow up on that client. To the extent that both parties understand well how the process works and which roles correspond to each of the parties, the relationship between bookie and subagent will be more efficient.
Determine the compensation scheme
Relationships with subagents can be somewhat complex since these are not fixed employees of the bookie. For this reason, the terms of the relationship have to be clear from the beginning, mainly with regard to compensation. You must define the percentage that the subagent will earn from the losses of the client that he led to the betting site, in addition, it must be defined how often the subagent will get paid and by what means.
See yourself as a leader
Finally, the bookie must understand that although the relationship with the subagents is not boss-subordinate, it is a relationship in which the bookie must assume a leadership role in which it must provide supervision, motivation, and accompaniment to the subagents.
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