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How to think like a Pro Bookie


In the world of sports, it is very common to see players who, once they retired from the field, they become coaches. This is due to the belief that the years of experience and knowledge accumulated in the field can be useful to lead a team, besides having been players they have first-hand knowledge of what it is to be in that position, so it is more likely that they will understand and empathize better with the players they will coach.
While it is true that experience and accumulated knowledge are important and can lead a team to victory, they do not necessarily guarantee it and we have seen many tangent players fail as coaches and many who never set foot on the field in their youth perform in a great way as coaches.
The same applies to the world of betting since many people believe that because a person is an excellent bettor he can make the transition and become a great bookie.
The mentality of a bookie and that of a bettor are completely different, and while the bookie must be able to think like its players and know about sports, it requires other knowledge and skills to be a good bookie.

Some of the factors that are present in the mentality of a bookie are:
Business mentality
Good bookies have a business-oriented mentality, where they seek to earn profits but not at the expense of their players, that is, bookies do not want their players to lose all their money on the betting site. That’s the reason why bookies use tools on their betting site like the betting limit feature since with this tool bookies can limit the amount of money a bettor can wager, ensuring that a player does not bet more than he can pay. 

Market-oriented mindset
Bookies always seek to satisfy their players, so they are aware of the demands of these and try to find a way to always provide exceptional service. The most common way to do this is finding a reputable pay per head provider that has all the infrastructure and services the bookie needs to serve all kind of players.

Finally, unlike bettors who only think about the upcoming weekend games, bookies think in long-term, for example preparing strategies to make more profit and serve better the players on the next year Super Bowl.
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