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How you can use videos to acquire players


Videos are a great way to market your betting site since nowadays 74% of all online traffic is related to video and 55% of people watch videos online every day. With this figures, bookies need to enter the game of video content right away in order to stay competitive and to keep growing their player base and their revenue. 

However, it takes more than just upload a video to acquire new players for your betting site. You need to craft video content that is attractive and that invites the spectator to take an action like visit your betting site or fund an account. For bookies that want to create effective video content here are some recommendations:

Be Creative
It may sound cliché, but when it comes to video content creativity is everything. Of course, creativity doesn’t grow in trees, in order to create creative video content you need to know what moves your audience and what kind of messages, tone, and images are the ones that can hook them to keep watching. Also keep in mind if you use video ad platforms such as TrueView, the first 5 seconds of the video are not skippable, which means that you ensure 100% of users attention. In those first 5 five seconds, you need to deliver a powerful and relevant message to your audience in order to hook them. 
You can use messages like the following to attract potential players attention: Invest $5 earn $100, $20 bonus for your first gambling or Gambling is better than Invest in the Stock Market.

Keep it Simple
When you have a powerful creative concept you don’t need millions of dollars to produce your video content. Keep it simple and clear with text that is easy to read with a good color combination. Also make easy for people to know what they have to do after, for example, if you want them to visit your betting site, create a big and clickable button that said: go to the site or visit now. 

Using video content is a process where you have to experiment and try different ideas, formats, and narrative until you find your own style.

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