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Incorporate Whatsapp into your betting business.


Social networks dominate the lives of people it is estimated that on average a person spends at least 3 hours a day reviewing their social networks. For this reason, the vast majority of companies direct their marketing efforts to have a presence and capture customers through these networks. But there is a network that many companies are overlooked and do not usually include it in their marketing strategies, it is WhatsApp.
While many see WhatsApp simply as a messaging application, it falls into the category of a social network, has 1,300 million users worldwide and can be used by bookies to strengthen the relationship with their customers and provide a better service than It can translate into an increase in your monthly income.
Thanks to the launch of WhatsApp Business, bookies can create a business communication channel that allows them to easily establish secure communications with their customers. Below we present a series of recommendations so that bookies can integrate and take advantage of WhatsApp for their businesses.
Define the rules of use of WhatsApp
Unlike other industries where you can use WhatsApp as a direct customer service channel, bookies have to be more strategic, because if they do not establish a good regulation for using this tool they can be overwhelmed with hundreds of messages per day. A good strategy is to give access and support by WhatsApp only to the VIP clients of the betting site. In this way bookies can provide personalized attention to their best customers, this will make customers feel even more special and the bookie should only attend a small number of messages per day.
Integration with other contact channels
WhatsApp Business allows adding other forms of contact and social platforms, in this way the bookies can redirect their clients to use other platforms where they can get better attention to the query or request. Remember that bookies that work with a Pay Per Head partner have a complete call center available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this call center should be the main point of contact with the customers so that some requests that enter by WhatsApp can and should be redirected to the call center.
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