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Increase the income of your betting site with the contest tool of your Pay Per Head Provider.


In the world of betting there are many forms of gambling such as traditional sports betting, live betting, parlays, online casino betting, poker rooms, and even the exotic prop bets. Thanks to Pay Per Head companies bookies can have access to this wide range of options to keep their betting site with constant action, and the best of all, with money flowing from various sources, making the business more and more profitable.

Since there are too many options and tools provided by the Pay Per Head companies, some of them tend to be overlooked, that is the case of the contest tool. 

The contest tool, it's a great way to increase player interaction and of course increase the profits of the betting site. An example of the types of contests that bookies can promote on their betting site is squares. This game is widely practiced by NFL fans, where bettors must select one or several squares, which are then randomly assigned numbers on the x-axis and the y-axis, each axis is randomly assigned to the teams of the game in which the squares will be used, at the end of each quarter the score of the game is checked, if, for example, the score is Patriots 2 Broncos 5, the player who has selected the square that corresponds to location 2 and 5 wins the bet.

This type of game is very easy to understand and very well suited for both experienced and novice bettors, it is for this reason that it is an excellent way to increase action on the betting site, as it appeals to a broad audience.

In the case of squares Pay Per Head companies provide a very complete platform to manage the allocation of the spaces, determine winners and assign the gain or hold percentage of bookie, plus the majority of pay per head providers provides square options for games of the NFL and NBA, increasing the possibilities of the bookies to attract various types of bettors.

Bookies that want to increase their income should learn to use all the tools provided by the pay per head companies in the case of the contest tool this is a powerful weapon to attract new players.

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