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Is Facebook Advertising Still Worthy For Bookies


Due to the recent scandals around Facebook, the social network lost many users. Facebook also had to change some policies and the way in which some features of the platform behave, affecting mainly advertisers who find it increasingly difficult for their publications to be seen by users.

Facebook has been a great place for bookies to find new players for their betting site, due to the ease of creating advertising campaigns, the low cost and large user base that could be reached. But with some changes happening on the social network, is Facebook advertising still worthy for bookies?

The answer is yes, Facebook advertising is still a powerful tool for bookies to acquire new players however the campaigns should be crafted carefully. To help bookies keep taking advantage of Facebook advertising here are some recommendations:
Focus on areas

The geotargeting feature has been around for a while, but few advertisers have used it to its maximum potential. Bookies can use this feature to focus their campaigns on a specific area, of a whole country, city or neighborhood. It’s a good idea to use this type of campaigns 2 or 3 days before a game that is happening in that specific city, for example, if the 76ers are visiting Boston to play the Celtics, Bookies should run a geotargeting campaign promoting the betting options of that particular game for the Boston area to acquire new players. 

Use your own data

Facebook has a featured called Look-Alike Audiences, with this bookies can create target audiences for campaigns based on data like an email list. Bookies just need to download their current player email list and uploaded to Facebook audience tool to create a potential target audience that has similarities with your current bettors. This is a great way to acquire new players.

According to emarketer.com Facebook penetration is the largest with 60.6% of the total social network users of all ages and despite all the scandals, the time people spent on the platform is still the same. That’s the reason why bookies should keep advertising on the platform, especially bookies with small budgets.
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