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Is Your Betting Site Scaring Customers Away?


First, a question, do one of these statements sound like your case:
1. You built your betting site by your own with online tutorials and free web design tools.
2. You let your son or nephew built your betting site.
3. Your betting site domain name has the words Blogspot or WordPress on it.
4. Your betting site hasn't been updated in the last year.
5. You don’t have an idea about what UX web design, mobile-friendly and user experience mean.
If your answer is yes, then you may be losing money and customers due to your poor, bad looking betting site. According to a research by Business.com, 75% of consumers admit that they judge a business' credibility based on their website design. That's why a professional website is so important for any company that wants to succeed and grow. 
In the case of the betting industry customers are quite sensitive about the look and feel of a website, since they want to find all the tools and features to place bets effortlessly with just a few clicks. That's why bookies need to look for a reliable Pay Per Head provider that has a staff of experienced engineers and web designers that can help you build a professional looking betting site that converts visitors into betting players.
Using the web design services of a Pay Per Head provider offers several benefits like: 
Low Investment
Many Pay Per Head providers offer their web design services included in the monthly fee. If you want to build the same kind of betting site elsewhere it would cost you a fortune.
Quick Delivery
The web design staff has lots of experience building betting sites, which allows them to be more fast and effective in delivering the final product to you. 
Lots of Features
Casino games, Live Betting Options and many other high-end features that cost thousands of dollars are at your disposal to be featured on your betting site for a small amount.
There is no excuse to have a bad looking betting site, you need a good pay per head provider like abc per head to revamp your website and grow your profit.
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