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Is it too early to start promoting the SuperBowl?


If you are a novice bookie you probably have not yet learned the tricks to make your business lucrative and grow constantly, no problem we are here to help you. For example, many bookies wonder when is the right time of the year to promote betting options for the SuperBowl? And the truth is that there is no correct answer to this question since everything will depend on different factors that we will analyze next.
The composition of your bettors
One of the main factors that determine when is the right time to promote the betting options for the SuperBowl is the type of bettors that you have as clients, which can be divided into 3 categories:
Football Fans
If you have a good number of clients who are recurrently betting on football in both NFL games and NCAA games, then January is a good month to start promoting betting options for the SuperBowl. Invite them to bet on the predictions of what teams will reach the final, MVP candidates and some other attractive prop bets. The advantage with this type of bettor is that the bookie does not have to make much effort to captivate and hook them to bet on the SuperBowl.
Casual Tacklers
If on your betting site there are not many bettors who place bets on football and you register just a few bets for NFL and NCAA games, then you have casual tacklers as customers, this type of gamblers is looking for winnings, so bookies must work more to persuade them to bet on the SuperBowl, campaigns in December and January aimed at these bettors and where the potential gains of betting on the SuperBowl stand out are the key to gaining the interest of these bettors.
Finally, if your betting site is a ghost town when it comes to betting on Football, but you do well with other sports, then you have spectators. In these cases, the bookies should better go out and look for new bettors interested in football if they really want to take advantage and profits from the SuperBowl. Although in January and even in the week prior to the SuperBowl you can attract a good number of players, it is best that the bookies begin to gain the trust of the bettors from months before, so to go out hunting new players is recommended to start in November.
These categories we have created based on our experience and knowledge of the betting industry, there may be bookies that have a combination of all types of gamblers or none of them.
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