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Is your Pay Per Head Provider ready to deal with Cyber-attacks?


Recently the amount of news related to cyber-attacks, hacking of websites and private online information compromised has been increasing. In fact, during 2017 a six billion computer records where breached. These cyber-attacks affect all kinds of websites, even large companies like Facebook and LinkedIn have been victims of hackers.

Due to this situation, people are more and more worried about their security and privacy online, especially bettors, since they are very concern about their private information and they want to leave as little trace as possible when they place their bets. 

Bookies need to make sure that their pay per head partner has all that it takes to deal with cyber-attacks and ensure the safety of their betting business and its clients. Here are some of the current measures and cybersecurity strategies reliable pay per head companies are implementing, so you can check if your current per head provider is doing any of these.

IT Updates
After the security breaches of 2017, big pay per head companies started a major update of all of their IT systems, this includes both hardware and software. Bookies may not notice this updates at first, because they are done in a way that doesn’t affect the regular operation of the betting sites. But after a couple of days, the change can be felt in little improvements of the loading and processing speed of the betting management software, for example. Nevertheless, if you want to be really sure that your per head partner is working with state of the art hardware and software ask them when was the last update.

Some Pay Per Head providers have contracted the services of cyber security companies to improve the quality of their security measures. These companies often provide several certifications to prove that the per head company comply with all standards and it’s safe to do business with that company. It's highly recommended to be partner with per head companies that have this certification from reputable cybersecurity companies.

Remember that as a bookie you deal with very sensitive information from your clients, so look for a pay per head provider that have all the tools to protect you and your clients.

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