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Is your betting site producing money?


Maybe when you analyze the earnings of your betting site at the end of the month you can feel optimistic and even happy about the amount of money you receive. But you should ask is the correct amount? Is the site really producing money?

The bookies that want to have a successful betting business must analyze in detail all aspects of their business to determine if there is any point in the operation that is making them lose money. Below we present some aspects that can make you bleed money without you noticing.

Bad design of the betting site.

Even if you have active players that wager on regular bases and new players that register on your site each month, it is possible that your betting site is poorly designed and this is preventing you from reaching your true potential. To determine if this problem is affecting you, what you should do is review the following statistics:

Abandonment percentage: Know the number of users that leave your betting site without performing a single action. If the number is too high this is an indicator that you should improve the design of your homepage or make clearer the information on how to create an account on your betting site.
Abandonment page: By knowing on which page people are specifically leaving your betting site you can know exactly which part of the site is that you have to make the improvements.

Conversion rate: From the total number of visits to your betting site how many people make a bet, if, for example, 1000 unique visits only 2 make a bet, there is a serious problem with your betting site that is scaring customers away.

High Operating Costs

If you have a web hosting, a webmaster, customer service staff, an office, etc. All this can make your operational costs very high and in the long term prevent you from making good profits from your betting site.

To avoid losing money bookies need a reliable pay per head company that provides a complete service with all the tools and services that the bookie needs to run their business.
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