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Is your bookie business too large for you?


For several years you have been working hard, taking care of every little detail of your bookie business. This dedication to your business was rewarded with a steady and growing growth of players and income, but you have reached an impasse, your bookie business is now too big for yourself.

When your gambling operation is bigger than you the amount of work required to keep the business running is too much. And even when you have a reputable Pay Per Head provider on your side this is not enough to handle every task.

What is most affected when a bookie business grows too much is the capacity of the book to search and acquire new players. This stops the business from keep growing. Some bookies may be ok by having a business that is profitable with a steady stream of income each month and does not see the need of continue acquiring new bettors.
However, for bookies who want to continue expanding their business and their income without limit, the solution is Sub-agents.
Trough sub-agents bookies can have a staff of wager savvy people that are going to focus on finding and acquiring new players. Sub-agents will handle all the relation with the players they bring to your betting site and they will have to provide customer service to them.

Keep in mind that the sub-agents will act in the name of your bookie business, that's the reason why you have to choose the right people to perform the job. You do not want to sub-agent who treats clients poorly or does not answer your inquiries in time.

When a bookie adds sub-agents to his operation, he becomes Bookie Master Agent and now he has the role of a manager, even when the sub-agents work is independent, they are employees of your betting business and have to render accounts when you request.
To be able to work with sub-agents, bookies need the services of a good Pay Per Head partner, that provides all the tools and the technology to handle a large gambling operation.
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