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Lessons you can learn from the Major League Baseball Marketing team to apply to your betting site.


The MLB marketing team supports all teams in the league and also works to provide the correct visibility and promotion to more than 2500 games per season. With this workload in promoting Baseball nationally and internationally, there are some marketing lessons that bookies can learn from this team and apply them to their betting businesses to achieve better exposure and communicate better with potential bettors, that will allow the bookies to growth their business and their monthly income.
The MLB marketing team must ensure the interests of the teams, as well as the interests of the league, this implies that there are many players who must collaborate constantly to achieve the marketing objectives of each campaign. Over the years the marketing team of the MLB has learned that the best way to collaborate with others is through technological tools, so they have created platforms and tools that facilitate the integrated work of each actor. Bookies that want to implement this technique in their strategies must have a good Pay Per Head partner that provides them with all the platforms, tools and technologies necessary for their betting business to work correctly. For example, thanks to the services provided by Pay Per Head companies, bookies can work and collaborate with sub-agents in other geographical areas without problems, the system provided by the Per Head partner allows bookies to keep track of every move and transaction that the sub-agent makes. The bookie will always have full control of everything that happens within the betting site and can collaborate with third parties effortless.

Understanding the consumer with data
The marketing team of MLB discovered that it is quite difficult to predict consumption patterns of baseball fans, for this reason, all the strategies, and decisions that they make are based on data collected through the technological tools. In this way, they can adapt quickly to changes. The bookies can implement this practice in their gambling business, using the reports tool provided by its Pay Per Head partner, this tool not only allows bookies to know in depth each of its customers but also helps bookies to make the right decisions to better serve their customers and also to protect their business.
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