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Manage Sub-agents for your bookie business


Having subagents working for your bookie business is the best way to grow and expand your operations, however, not all bookies have the skills and knowledge to handle subagents properly and be a successful bookie master.

To help bookies make the most of their subagents and make them grow monthly profits, here are some recommendations.
Use Reports to keep track of Subagents
To be a good master bookie and properly handle daily operations you have to trust the reports. These will provide the necessary information to make the best decisions, like establish goals. The only way to know if an agent is good and is doing his job the right way is by setting goals that can be traceable and measurable by the master bookie. The goals can be established per week, per month, per sport or per amount bet. Through the reports, the master bookie will be able to follow the work of the subagent closely and will be able to provide the proper support to the subagent in the case his not fulfilling the goals.
Search for the talent
We all have different talents, in some cases, there are bookies that are very good with numbers and with business management, but lack social skills that allow them to hook and attract players to the business. Master bookies have to be very aware of what kind of skills they need to strengthen so that the business can grow and look for sub-agents who have those skills. The subagents have to be a complement to the master bookie.
The name of the game is trust.
Finally, master bookies have to rely on their subagents since they act in a very independent way, which can produce the sense that they are not working hard enough. It is a good idea to establish clear rules from the beginning and for example to set specific days for meetings and payments. This way no tensions are generated between both parties and the work can flow better.
In order to handle sub-agents in the best way, bookies must have an excellent pay per head provider with all the necessary tools to control from one to one hundred subagents.
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