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Manage Your Bookie Business With Metrics


America is in love with metrics, on today's world you can measure everything and you can prove any point with numbers and data.  People are so obsessed with metrics that sixty-nine percent of Americans track their health thanks to digital fitness devices and one of the jobs that have more demand is Data Scientist, which has an average income of $90,000 per year.
The bookie business is also following the trend, and thanks to Pay Per Head Companies now you can get detailed reports of everything that happened within your betting site, this is not a bad thing but you have to be clever on how you use this data, because you may end overwhelmed with all those numbers.
Organizations spend thousands of dollars every year to build systems that collect and measure data for their business, but that large investment doesn’t secure them the quality and value of the data. Pay Per Head companies are aware of this, that’s why they put together comprehensive tools that gather specific data according to what the bookie owner needs.
In order to make the most out of the data you can get from your Pay Per Head tools, follow these recommendations:
Data has different uses at different times, is a good idea to know at what point of the week you need certain reports and schedule your work around your information needs. For example, if you pay and collect on Wednesdays, you should get your players balances on Wednesday morning or Thursday afternoon and avoid getting another report while you finish that task.
Give Numbers a Meaning
Reports and data are meant to help you make decisions, but if you don’t establish goals and meaning to each number, then it’s just a number that won’t do much. For example, when you get your betting activity report and it says that you recorded 100 bets in the past month, but you have a goal of 200 bets a month, the report and the number have a meaning and will help you track results and make changes to achieve your goals.
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