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Marketing strategies that bookies can learn from Marvel Movies.


It's no secret to anyone that Marvel has built one of the greatest and most successful film universes of all time. The latest film of Avengers Endgame is on track to become the highest-grossing film globally with over $ 750 million dollars. With so much success and so much money generated it is worth paying attention to which are the strategies that Marvel has used to go from being a comics company almost in bankruptcy in the 80s to one of the most valuable brands of our days.

Unified diversification

One of the most interesting strategies that Marvel applied in its cinematographic universe is that of unified diversification. This consisted of taking many of his characters some very known by the public and others that were not very popular and create individual products for each one. In this way they made sure to reach different niche markets, for example, someone might like the character of Iron Man very much, but not like or be interested in the character of Dr.Strange, this can be given in reverse and with each of the characters. In addition to the individual niche products, unified products were created, ie the Avengers films, which brought together all the characters and attracted the consumers of the individual products, but also created a new broader market. Bookies can apply this strategy by creating different betting sites that appeal to specific niche markets and create a more general betting site that unifies and contains the same betting options as each of the niche sites. Then was must do is a cross-promotion placing banners that direct users to the other betting sites owned by the bookie. It may sound complicated but in reality, it is very simple, as long as the bookie has a good Pay Per Head partner that provides the infrastructure and tools to create and manage several betting sites at the same time.

A solid brand

Finally what Marvel did was create a brand through each of his films so that nowadays it is a symbol of quality in the world of entertainment. Bookies must do the same with each of their betting sites, no matter that they appeal to different niches in each site it must always be present the bookie brand so that its name and reputation is spread throughout the betting industry.

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