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Modern Human Surviving Essentials: Air & Smartphones. Mobile Trends for the Bookie Business


The global mobile consumer survey (GMCS): US edition shows that more than 40 percent of smartphone owners check their phones within five minutes of waking up, this behavior demonstrates that people nowadays can't live without their mobile devices, this piece of tech has become an important part of their everyday life for work, entertainment, to make payments and even for gambling.
If you want to understand how to take advantage of the mobile trends follow these recommendations:
Betting Site Mobile Friendly
People is surfing the internet through smartphones, that’s why is so important that you check the compatibility of your betting site with mobile devices, run several tests from different devices and check that all the features work properly and that everything looks and fits on the device screen.
Offer Attractive Options
People spend 90 percent of their leisure time on their phones; you can take advantage of this by offering casino games, people love to play poker or blackjack on their phones, allow them to that on your betting business and make a profit in the process.
Another great option you can offer is live betting, this is the ultimate form of wager, and since 89 percent of people use their phones while watching TV, this is a match made in heaven. Live Betting allows players to place bets as the game develops, that means they can be watching a football game on their living room and betting on that game at the same time. 
Advertise on Apps
Google Adwords allows you to place ads across different mobile apps; this is a great way to let people now that your betting site is mobile friendly and that they can use your gambling options without leaving the comfort of their smartphone.
To take full advantage of the mobile trends you need a reliable pay per head partner that offers you a complete set of tools and features that are mobile friendly and that are always updating to match new trends and technologies, in order to meet and exceed players' expectations.
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