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Mobile bets could put bookies at risk.


It is no secret to anyone that betting on mobile devices has become one of the strongest trends in the industry. It is estimated that from 2012 to 2018 the processing of transactions through mobile devices increased by 95%.
Mobile betting represents a great opportunity for bookies since it is one of the most demanded services by bettors, but it can also mean great risks if you do not have the platforms and tools necessary to detect and counteract threats such as frauds and scams.
Alongside with the growth in transactions with mobile devices, violations of the bookies' security have also increased. The 3 main threats bookies face are Bonus abuse which has grown by 287% in the last 3 years, fraud with credit cards which increased 155% and game abuses and cheating with a 55% increase.
The best way that bookies can protect themselves from these threats is by having a good Pay Per Head partner. Since Pay Per Head providers not only provide the bookie all the platforms and services necessary to develop and manage their business. They also invest in hardware, programmers and security experts who are constantly monitored the activity on the Pay Per Head and the bookie's servers to protect them from any threat.
For this reason, bookies must choose with extreme care their Pay Per Head partner, because if they are associated with a Per Head company that does not have a good cybersecurity infrastructure they will be exposing their business to all kinds of threats and when a security  violation happens they are at risk of losing their business.
Having a Pay Per Head partner with a robust cybersecurity system will not only benefit the bookie, also it will protect the data of the bettors. Allowing the bookie to establish better relationships and increase customer loyalty, since they will feel more comfortable betting on a betting site that has the highest cybersecurity standards.
The bookies have to take all the necessary measures to protect their business and their customers since in the world there are several types of people, and some will seek to damage the bookie in order to obtain some benefit.
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