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Mobile bets in New York are at a standstill.


Since the lift of the sports betting ban in the US, we have seen how many states make great efforts and even work extra hours to be able to legalize bets in their territory and make a profit from the lucrative world of betting.

New York is one of these states that has worked extra hours to legalize sports betting in its territory, in fact, the last legislative session was extended two days longer than planned to deal with the issue of online sports betting. Despite the extra work, it seems that mobile sports betting is at a standstill for Newyorkers. Since Governor Andrew Cuomo and Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie are opposed to the legalization of mobile sports betting in the state as proposed because they believe that this would be unconstitutional.

The main sponsor of the online sports betting bill is Senator Joseph Addabbo Jr. who feels very frustrated with the position of the Cuomo and Heastie since the New York Senate had approved the bill with 57 votes in favor and only 5 against just a few weeks ago. In his own words, the senator said that: his "mind boggles" at the lack of progress his state has shown and that there is no clear reason for this lack of progress, which puts at risk more than $ 75m in revenue that the state could win this year if the bill is approved.

It is interesting that a market as big and important as New York does not accelerate more the legalization of sports betting, but this situation should not discourage bookies in fact,  the bookies of Pay per Head are the one who has the edge on this situation since the absence of a licensed provider in the state, the gamblers of New York will start looking for alternatives. Pay Per Head bookies should only make sure that they have a robust mobile betting system that they can offer to New York bettors.

With the flowering of sports betting in the USA, Pay Per Head bookies have to be very attentive to all the news that arises from all the states, since there are always opportunities to grow their business, they just have to know how to identify them and have a good Pay Per Head partner to take advantage of them.
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