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Mobile websites are leading companies to success.


Having a robust mobile betting site that works correctly on any device and allows the bettor to make any transaction is critical nowadays in order to have a successful betting business.
Smartphones have become the source to which most people go to do a number of daily tasks. In fact, more than a third of Smartphone users who can not get what they need from a company website or app will immediately look for another company that can meet their needs. It is for this reason that bookies should pay special attention when building their mobile website and define the strategy they will implement for it.
To help bookies create a mobile experience that will guarantee the success of their betting business, we present the following recommendations.
Responsive is no longer enough
In recent years responsive websites have become a trend and were presented as the solution for any website could be viewed correctly on any mobile device. The problem with this trend is that what it does is simply adapt the desktop format of the website to smaller screens. To deliver a true first level experience to mobile customers, the website for these devices must be designed from scratch thinking that it will be presented on mobile screens. It is very easy to give support and present a large amount of information to help and guide the user on a desktop website, but on mobile, this can not be done and so you must think of ways to present all the information that the user needs to be optimized for mobile screens.
Take into account the speed
The optimizations and configurations that are made for desktop websites to work and load quickly are not the same for mobile sites. Remember that many times mobile users connect to the internet through cellular networks, so the download speeds are not the same. A separate optimization of the entire mobile website must be performed in order for it to work and load quickly on these devices. The bounce rate can increase by 32% if the page load lasts 1 second longer.

To create a truly mobile experience for their customer's bookies must work with a reliable Pay Per Head provider. Many of these companies have developed native apps for IOS and Android devices that bookies can use to provide their bettors with a smoothness betting experience on mobile devices.
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