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Money tips for bookies.


Not all of us are financial magicians like Warren Buffet, capable of converting a few thousand dollars into millions in a matter of years. In fact, the vast majority of people in the world need financial advice to be able to handle and take care of their money in the best way. This also applies to the betting industry, since many bookies lose their business due to lack of financial direction. To avoid a painful bankruptcy, here are a few tips to take care of the money of your betting business:

Mark the limits
The bookies should have clear limits for business money and personal money, these should be handled separately even in different banks if possible, since the ruin of many bookies is that they see the money of their betting business as their emergency fund or luxury fund and waste the business money in personal stuff, which leaves them in a bad position to face the financial obligations of the business, such as paying the winners or refinance the bankroll.

A budget for the worst
The bookies must have enough money to face the worst scenario, ie a situation in which many players win large sums of money, if this happens the bankroll of the bookie must be enough to pay the winners and continue to operate. Although this situation is very difficult to happen because thanks to Pay Per Head companies bookies have different tools to avoid it, likewise it is a good idea to budget enough money for the worst case.

Do not become indebted
Some bookies believe that a good way to grow the business is to acquire a credit to increase the bankroll of the business during important sporting events such as the SuperBowl, although having a better bankroll can produce better profits, remember the previous point and have present that you can also lose large amounts of money, so in the end the bookie will have a debt that he can not pay, the best option is to avoid credit.

Finally, a tip that we always give to all bookies is that if your main motivation to enter the betting business is to become rich overnight, the most advisable is to look for another industry. The bookies need to have passion and commitment to their business and not only be driven by money because in the betting industry this goes and comes very fast.

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