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NFL Tri-Cast a Great Chance for Bookies


In this blog we have mentioned a lot how the digital era is changing many industries, especially the gambling business, the most recent example of this comes from the 2017 NFL season, that is simulating broadcasts trough 3 different ways, open television, cable and digital, this is what NFL calls the tri-cast model of broadcast distribution.
The addition of a digital option is thanks to the deal the NFL signed with Amazon Prime, which includes the broadcast of all the 10 Thursday Night Football games. This deal will make the games available to over 200 countries and territories worldwide, reaching a potential audience of more than 10 million people. This is a huge opportunity for bookies that own a betting website and are looking for ways to expand their business.
Of course to take advantage of this new market opportunity they have to make sure they are partnered with the right Pay Per Head provider that will allow them to serve the global audience. A quick plan you can follow is:
Focus on a Specific Region
The fan base of Professional Football is constantly growing outside the US, for example, in some countries of Latin America the popularity of the sport shows an increase in the last 3 years, but the lack of broadcast options in this region affects the amount of matches a fan can watch and gamble on. The simulcast of games trough Amazon opens a window of opportunity to hook these fans with wager options, especially for the Thursday Night games. So try to spot the countries where the sport is growing on popularity and market your betting site to that country's fans.
Keep It Simple
Many of the potential players you can find in these countries may haved never wagered on an NFL game before, that's why you have to keep it simple on offer the most straightforward and easy to understand betting options to them. In some cases, a quick tutorial on how to gamble in professional football games may come in handy to increase their willingness to bet.
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