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New Zealand's problems with deceptive gambling sites.


The law of New Zealand allows its residents to bet on international betting sites. Unfortunately, some criminal groups have been taking advantage of this situation and have been attracting Kiwi gamblers to false betting sites, whose ultimate goal is to scam or steal data and money from the gamblers.
Many of the fake sites even use .nz domains to mislead gamblers and make them believe they are dealing with an operator based in the country. According to statements from the Department of Internal Affairs, one of the sites even used the government's official Coat of Arms, to make gamblers believe it was a formal betting site.
Unfortunately, this situation is messing up the image of betting sites in New Zealand and making gamblers distrust mainly international sites.
The Pay Per Head bookies that currently serve the Kiwi market or intend to do so in the short term must have this situation very present and prepare a plan to mitigate the possible risks that this can bring to their business.
Some recommendations that bookies should take into account are:
Be transparent about where you are located.
Bookies that operate with an offshore Pay Per Head provider must be transparent and notify their bettors in which country is the base of operations of the Pay Per Head provider located and where their bets will be processed. This will give more confidence to the punters.
Use generic domains
Some bookies believe that it is easier to gain the attention and trust of gamblers by using country domains as in the case of New Zealand .nz. But this is not convenient since some countries have regulations on the use of territorial domains and ask that companies have a physical address in the country. It is better to use generic domains such as .com or .net that are not linked to any particular country or territory.
Good manners
A successful bookie is one that behaves like a true businessman and always maintains good manners. That is, it pays its players on time, efficiently responds to any complaint or query, is always available to listen to its customers and also takes care that its customers are always safe and satisfied.
We will not tire of saying that in every corner of the world hides a business opportunity for the bookie that knows how to take advantage of it.
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