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New regulations to take into account when conducting online ads.


One of the most used marketing tools by bookies are online ads mainly through social networks. This is a very effective and cheap way to publicize the betting business and attract new players.
An initiative of the Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP), the body that regulates and monitors the advertising codes of the UK, intends that bookies that use online advertisements comply with new guidelines to protect children and young people from irresponsible betting ads.
The standards that are intended to implement contemplate prohibiting online ads related to betting products that are directed to minors, within the content that is considered unacceptable is the one related with or in which uses images of celebrities, athletes or animated characters.
The new regulations respond to CAP's concern about the growing power of digital influencers and how they are used by brands to promote different products without measuring the consequences of the potential audiences that content is reaching.
The CAP expects that operators will regulate themselves and apply the guidelines and regulations, for this reason, the bookies that carry out advertising campaigns directed to the UK should take into account these new regulations when they come into force to avoid sanctions or any type of problems.
Thanks to Pay Per Head companies today's bookies can acquire clients from any part of the world, for this reason, it is important that bookies are aware of the local laws of the different markets where they receive clients in order to be able to offer their clients a service that is in accordance with local guidelines.
If the bookies have a staff that is in charge of the marketing of the betting site, they should ensure that the persons in charge know the guidelines and restrictions of the different markets to which they direct their campaigns.
The new digital world presents unique challenges, in most cases, governments have not been able to keep pace with changes and technological advances, so it is not surprising that in the coming months more regulations on online advertising arise in other markets.
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