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News from the USA betting market.


And now they are 17

Finally, it happened, the governor of Illinois J.B Pritzker signed the law of expansion of betting in the state. In this way, Illinois becomes the 17th state to have legal sports bets in its territory.

The CEO of the American Gaming Association Bill Miller called for both state teams and those involved in the betting business to make an effort to adhere to state legislation and seek to offer protection mechanisms to customers and responsible practices of gambling.

Online operators such as FanDuel will have to wait 18 months to be able to start operating in this market, which is considered one of the most controversial clauses of the Bill.

This opens a new market for bookies that have the tools and platforms necessary to serve the bettors of Illinois.

MLS said yes to the sponsorship from the gambling industry.

Recently Major League Soccer announced that now the 24 teams in the league will be able to accept sponsorships from betting companies. This new provision allows sponsors to place their logo on team shirts and at the stadium. In the words of Carter Ladd, MLS SVP Business Development: "We want to be seen as a progressive league and provide our clubs with an appropriate level of flexibility".

While other leagues such as the NBA and MLB had already introduced the use of a patch with logos of betting companies on the teams' clothing, MLS will be a pioneer in allowing the use of these logos as official sponsors.

This MLS move will give more exposure to the betting industry in general, not just the companies that pay sponsorships to the teams, which will cause more and more people to feel much more comfortable making sports bets.

Every day opens a new opportunity for bookies to grow their businesses and improve their income. All that is needed to take advantage of these situations is to have a good Pay Per Head provider that gives the bookie all the tools, platforms to serve these markets. This is the best time to be a bookie.


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