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News from the betting markets: Virginia and Kentucky


As we have been announcing and forecasting the US betting market, it is constantly expanding and more states are joining the frenzy of establishing legislation to regulate and promote sports betting as soon as possible in their territories.
This state does not have legal casinos of any kind, so it could be thought that it would be one of the last states where the frenzy to legalize sports betting would come. But it is the opposite since 3 sports betting bills were sent for approval. In fact, State Senator Chap Petersen said there is a high probability that these bills will pass.
Everything seems to indicate that Virginia is going full steam to legalize sports betting, but the devil is in the details, since the bills that have been sent for approval contain small details that could delay the process, for example, one of them determines that it should be the lottery of the state the one in charge of managing everything related to sports betting, while the other bill proposes that a new entity must be created to handle them. Besides this, in both bills, it is contemplated that the bets to college sports will be limited or will be completely illegal.
Kentucky lawmakers have been working to expedite the legalization of sports betting in the state because on the one hand it is estimated that there are a huge amount of people traveling to nearby states to place their bets, which causes losses of about $ 1 billion to Kentucky. On the other hand, several legislators see sports betting as a source of income to solve the problem of lack of funds for the payment of pensions in the next 30 years. A bill that authorizes sportsbooks to operate is pending in the hands of Rep. Dennis Keene. So in the coming months, we could see the start of sports betting action in Kentucky.

The situations of both states benefit the Pay Per Head bookies as more and more people are anxious to make bets and while the states finish defining the details to regulate the bets the bookies can gain ground by promoting their betting sites and their services in these states.
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