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Online Video Trends to Boost Your Bookie Business.


Online video continues to change the paradigms of all industries around the world and becomes a megatrend that is impossible to ignore, for example, the recommendations of purchase before came from our nearby circles as family or friends, today online video It is the main source of recommendations and influence of buyers.

Given this scenario, bookies should quickly adopt the trend of video in their marketing strategies, if they want to grow their betting business and attract more players. To help bookies implement the video as a tool for the acquisition of new players, here are some recommendations:

Show how it is used

Online video works as a kind of virtual showcase, that is, people look for video references to see how a product or service is used and if they really fulfill what they promise. In fact, the videos that include the keyword "Does it Work" have experienced a 12x increase in watch time in the last two years. Bookies can take advantage of this by creating videos that clearly show how the features and functions of their betting site are used. They can also create content where they show how to play a game of poker in their online casino. The idea is that the client can see and know everything he can about your betting site beforehand. 

Offer help
Almost 70% of YouTube users last year saw at least one video explaining or helping to know how to use a product. Bookies can take advantage of this by creating video content that answers the most frequent questions of customers, such as payment methods, security of the betting site, among others. By creating this video content the bookie will generate more engagement with potential customers than if it presents them in a boring FAQ document within the betting site.

It does not matter if it is with a $ 200 cell phone or with a $ 15,000 professional camera, the important thing is that bookies start producing video content for your betting site, to take advantage of the current trend of online video consumption and to attract new players.

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