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Online bets ready to start in Pennsylvania.


Recently the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board announced that it is about to launch licenses so that online casino and poker products can be offered in the state. It is estimated that by July 15 is when legal online bets will start.
With this movement, Pennsylvania is positioned among the states that have one of the best-betting markets in terms of the offer, as it has land-based, online and mobile.
The Pennsylvania authorities have been working on this legalization of bets since last year and in fact, have already authorized 10 land-based casinos as iGaming certificate holders and 3 online technology partners for casinos has iGaming operators.
The land-based casinos in Pennsylvania had experienced monthly growth in the number of sports bets that have been handled during this 2019, the month of March closed with a total of $ 44 527 575. It is expected that with the new legislation of online and mobile betting the gamblers of Pennsylvania will be motivated even more to wager.
Bookies do not have to wait until July to serve customers in Pennsylvania, because if they have a good Pay Per Head provider, they can start capturing clients using the following strategy:
The best way to capture bettors at this time is through sub-agents who deal directly with the bettors since the most important thing is to build trust with the bettors and make them see that the betting site is reliable. In addition, the sub-agents have to demonstrate to the bettors that they can bet with confidence in the betting site since making bets with an off-shore operator is not illegal. Bookies who want to work with sub-agents should ensure that their Pay Per Head provider has the necessary tools and platforms to be a Master bookie and work with sub-agents in different territories.
It is important that the bookies carefully select their sub-agents since they will act on behalf of the betting site and will be the face of the business before the clients of this territory.
With the right Pay Per Head partner, bookies can take full advantage of the growing US sports betting market.
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