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Options to diversify your betting business.


Events like the Golden Globes, the Screen Actors Guild Awards, and the Oscars are not something that seems to belong to a betting site, but the reality is that there is a whole market of people interested in betting on these events.
For a long time, bets on awards ceremonies were considered partly illegal, since the Nevada Gaming Control Board does not accept bets on events and activities whose result is predetermined and resolved before the event starts. It is for this reason that those interested in betting on awards ceremonies have to look for offshore bookies for which this type of law does not apply.
While offshore bookies maintain a good offer of betting options in awards ceremonies they usually have certain restrictions, limiting the amount of money that can be wagered. This is because there is a high probability that information about the results will be leaked which could benefit the bettors and damage the bookie. For example, the betting giant William Hill only allows maximum bets of $ 70 for the Oscars.
During this 2019 we could see an important growth in the betting market of award ceremonies, since thanks to the lifting of the betting ban in the USA; New Jersey will receive, for the first time in history, bets for this type of events within the US territory.
The betting options for awards events such as the Oscars are a good way to diversify the business of a bookie since these types of bets appeal to a much wider audience than traditional sports betting. In the words of Benjamin Eckstein an odds expert: Millions of people are betting on awards such as the Oscars, and this is not expected to disappear soon.
The bookies that want to enter the game of the awards ceremonies gambling must make sure that their partner of Pay Per Head gives them access to this type of odds, also they will have to already start to promote and position their betting site as a good and reliable option to bet on this type of events.


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