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Responsible Marketing Standards for the US betting market.


Sports betting is a controversial issue that as many supporters and have also had many detractors. In the US we have seen how some groups have used the arguments of the problems of addiction to betting and the consequences that these entail to block or put pressure on the legalization of sports betting in certain states.

Given the current expansion of the US betting market, the American Gaming Association has taken a step forward and presented the Responsible Marketing Code for Sports Wagering. This code aims to establish a frame of reference for operators to create advertising that must be responsible and does not put at risk vulnerable groups such as those with gambling problems or children under age.

According to statements by Sara Slane, AGA's Senior Vice President of Public Affairs, said: "We want to be thought of as ahead of the curve." Since it is very likely that there will be a massive explosion of advertising related to sports betting as more states legalize them. Even large media companies like FOX, under its FOX Sports brand, have signed an agreement with Starts Group to launch a betting app. Which is going to be widely promoted in all the channels of the network.

In other regions such as the UK and Australia, similar measures have been taken to regulate the advertising of betting operators. In the case of the UK, the operators voluntarily accepted a whistle-to-whistle ban, which prohibits advertising related to betting during sporting events before 9 pm. In the case of Australia, all advertising related to bets was prohibited from 5 am to 8:30 pm.

The bookies that operate through a Pay Per Head partner have to be aware of these new measures and their implications since in the case of the Responsible Marketing Code for Sports Wagering it is intended that you cannot include advertising related to wagering on social networks. The best way to be prepared and deal with these regulations is to have a good marketing consultant who creates promotion strategies that are aligned with the regulations and also use other channels such as forums and affiliate networks to promote the betting site.

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