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Rhode Island will have a mobile betting app which opens an opportunity for bookies.


Since the lifting of the ban to sports betting in the US the changes that the industry is going through are vertiginous and sometimes it is difficult to keep up with all the news that comes from the different states. To help bookies keep up with the most relevant information and get the most out of it, we present the following news from Rhode Island:

Rhode Island enters the world of mobile betting

Until now, one of the biggest limitations of the Rhode Island betting market is that it only allowed bets in person, which must be made at Twin River Casino's premises. But this is about to change, at least a little since a bill to allow mobile betting through apps was passed and is in the hands of the governor to get the final approval.

This bill contemplates that the gamblers must set up their account in person at the Twin River Casino premises and after that, they will be able to bet from anywhere in Rhode Island through an app. Player tracking controls will be implemented to prevent bets from being placed outside the state limits.

Rhode Island registers bets for $ 13.1m in December, and it is expected that with mobile bets this figure will increase considerably.
While the Rhode Island authorities are trying to create a good betting market and strive to meet the demands of the gamblers, they are not doing a good job at this. Many gamblers prefer the anonymity of a betting site, so forcing them to register in person at a location is something that will discourage them from betting. Bookies that operate with an offshore Pay Per Head provider can take advantage of this and capture all Rhode Island gamblers who are not willing to sacrifice their anonymity.

Bookies that have a good Pay Per Head partner should not be afraid to enter into competition with the operators with official license in the states where sports betting has been legalized, since although these are large companies that have invested large sums of money, the same legislation put obstacles in their way that do not allow them to attend to the entire market of gamblers, leaving windows of opportunity for Pay Per Head Bookies.

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