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Security Protocols in the Wager Industry


Security is one of the things that scares away first-time bettors from betting sites, they believe that their bank information may be compromised and an attack to their credit card or bank account is more likely to happen on a betting site.

Due to this pay per head companies, spend thousands of dollars in the development of strong state of the art security systems and protocols, that way both bookies and bettors are safe in each transaction. Bookies just need to be aware to choose the right pay per head provider that offers a complete set of security tools, like:


A reliable pay per head provider will always treat their client's information with extreme care, in most cases per head companies held the client information in a secure, onsite server that is encrypted. This means that you can access your bookie account from any part of the world and your information will be protected and only you will have access.

Password Confirmation

A password is the best way to protect and identify a user, that’s why many pay per head companies, ask bettors to re-enter their passwords each time they place a bet in both online and call center services. This way the per head company is 100% sure that the user placing the bet is who he said it is. This avoids scams and frauds for the bookie and protects the bettors from an identity thief.


The best pay per head providers in the industry doesn’t need private information from you or your players to provide their services. They also keep email or another type of communication to a minimum, which means your email inbox won’t be full of spam email regarding pay per head offers.

The Task Force

Finally, the best pay per head companies has a dedicated staff of IT experts that work in the monitoring and maintaining of the systems in order to protect all the systems against fraud, cams, fund theft and hacking attacks.

Ask your pay per head provider about their security protocols, that way you will feel safer and you can transmit that calm to your bettors.

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