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Security and customization, trends that bookies should take into account.


To stay competitive companies always have to be improving their products and services. They also have to listen to what the customers want so that the improvements they make to their products and services correspond to the demands of the customers, but each time it becomes more complicated to follow and meet the demands of the customers, as these become more demanding and they change their behavior so often that is difficult to keep up the pace. To help bookies to adapt their products and services to the demands of current customers, we present 2 trends that we believe will be the most important at least in this 2019.

Security and control of information.

The multiple scandals of filtering personal data from large companies such as Facebook have made users more demanding in how their data is treated, with whom they are shared and where they are stored. Last year, the European Union's Privacy Regulation came into force, which provides a legal framework for the protection of consumer data, putting even more pressure on internet companies to correctly process their customer's data.

Bookies that want to adhere to the regulations and the demands of their clients must have a data management transparency policy, in which they let their clients know that their personal data will not be used for any purpose other than that of using the services of the betting site. In addition, the bookies must have a good Pay Per Head partner that provides them with robust security and data protection system, so that all the information of the customers and the bookie cannot be hacked.

Customized Experiences

Today's customers believe to a certain extent they are the center of the universe. For this reason, they demand personalized experiences of the companies. Sites like Amazon show customer’s suggestions for products based on their previous purchases as the customer buys more, the website can show suggestions that match better their tastes and preferences. This type of practice increases conversion rates by up to 4%.

Bookies can apply this technique, for example, when carrying out email marketing campaigns, in which thanks to the information they obtain from the reporting tool of their Pay Per Head provider, they can find out what their clients' favorite sports are and offer them betting options related to their tastes.

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