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Skills your Sub Agents Should Have.


The need of extra staff for your bookie operation means that your business is growing and that you are reaching new highs as a businessman, but if you don’t choose the right staff for your bookie business, you can face a setback, hire wrong people can be harmful to your business to the point where you can be push to bankruptcy. 

Subagents are the kind of Staff that can make you succeed or plunge into failure since they represent your brand and name as a bookie, that means that everything they do is a reflection of your bookie business. So if you want to hire the best sub-agents for your betting site, look for the following skills: 

Natural Sellers 

A good sub agent should be a good salesman since they only job will be acquiring new players, they have to shine when it comes to sale your bookie business. Test their ability to deliver a confident sales pitch and ask to look for people that have past jobs that involve sales, this experience will be a plus. 

Sports and Betting Knowledge 

When a sub agent approaches a potential bettor, they have to show they know their product and the best way to prove that is with a extensive knowledge of sports and betting. That way the bettor will feel more comfortable doing business with your betting operation and for the sub agent it would be easy to establish rapport with the potential bettor. 


This is skill is hard to prove until is too late, because even the most honest person has a breaking point. Sub Agent have to do some accounting work as well sometimes they do payments and collection from players, that’s why you want someone with high integrity doing the job, always ask for references and do a deep background check on the person you hiring, finally follow your guts, it knows what your head hasn’t figured out yet. 

Bookies that want to succeed should take very seriously the task of find and hire staff for their betting operation. 



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