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Small betting firms focused on Esports grow exponentially.


There are still bookies that are very skeptical about Esports, they consider it a fad that can not be taken seriously in the betting industry. But there are bookies that have focused solely on serving the Esports market and are obtaining excellent results and great profits. One of these companies is Thunderpick.com who with betting options match-ups for Counter-Striker : Global Offensive, League of Legends and Dota 2 today register 275,000 customers with a revenue growth of 27% year-over-year and that it is estimated that it will continue to grow at the same pace as the Esports audience will go from 380 million in 2018 to 550 million in 2021.
One of the particular characteristics of Thunderpick is that its betting platform does not resemble that of any traditional betting site since they think that in order to attract the fans of the Esports they need to create a platform that is more like a videogame so that Bettors feel more comfortable and bet with greater confidence.
Thunderpick is preparing for an aggressive expansion in the US market taking advantage of the lifting in the ban to sports betting which they estimate will boost market growth by 14% annually.
This is just a small sample that the bookies cannot continue ignoring the Esports industry, as it is very likely that this will become one of the largest in the world of betting.
Bookies that want to anticipate their competition and start offering betting options for Esports can follow the following recommendations.
Have a website focused solely on this market
The bettors of Esports are not like the traditional bettors, they have their own codes and language, for this reason, they do not usually feel comfortable in traditional betting sites. The bookies must create an exclusive website to serve this market, using colors, language and user experiences with menus and screens similar to those of video games so that they feel comfortable.
Have a good Pay Per Head provider
Not all Pay Per Head providers offer access to betting options for Esports, bookies must perform a thorough search to find a provider that has these betting options and also has a good team of designers and web programmers that can help the bookie create the perfect betting site for fans of Esports.
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