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Soccer is a Gold Mine for Bookies


For a long time, bookies have tended to overlook Soccer as a profitable betting option, this is because the sport has been under the radar in terms of popularity in the USA for several years, but now this trend is changing and the masses are tuning and attending soccer games across the country.
But the rising popularity of soccer in the USA is only the cherry on the pie, because there is a huge market out there, unlike America's top 3 sports, basketball, baseball and football, which have few important professional leagues around the world, soccer has top, competitive and well-known leagues and tournaments around the world, and when we said around the world we mean it, Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia love soccer and have a major league or tournament. Ratings show that for example the last Champions League final (a worldwide popular European Tournament) reached 13.8 million viewers in Italy, around 3.1 million in the UK, and 2 million in the USA.
On top of that, there is the FIFA World Cup, the most important soccer event in the world that is held every four years and practically stops the whole world.
Imagine the number of possibilities you have in terms of betting options you can feature on your wager site when it comes to soccer, there are more than 300 games around the world each week.
Of course to take advantage of the soccer fever, you need to partner with a reliable pay per head provider that gives you access to the most popular leagues and tournaments around the world. As we mentioned earlier the sport has been overlooked for many years, meaning that not all the pay per head services provide soccer betting options, so make sure to check with your provider beforehand.
There is a lot of investment around soccer in the USA right now, these tells us that the popularity of the sport will keep rising and at some point may overthrow basketball for example, so if you want to have a successful betting site you should keep an eye on soccer.
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