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The 5-hour Bookie.


The betting industry offers many benefits to entrepreneurs who start a bookie business. Some of the benefits are: 
•    Good economic income 
•    Unlimited capacity expansion and business growth
•    Belong to one of the most stable and safe industries of the world
•    Automated processes that allow the business to work almost on its own
•    Great flexibility in the management of time and workload of the bookie.

The benefit of the flexibility of time and workload is one of the most attractive but also generates lots of doubts since in many occasions we have received the question: how much dedication the bookie business requires?

The answer is simple, the more time you dedicate to the most successful business you will be. But for those who are just beginning in the industry and do not want to leave their jobs from 9 to 5 or simply want to have a stable business without much effort, we recommend the 5-hour rule.

The 5-hour rule is a concept created by Michael Simmons, which states that no matter how busy a person is, he must always reserve one hour a day, five times a week to perform other productive activities.

The 5-hour rule is perfect for the bookies that are running the betting site as a parallel business and have a good Pay Per Head provider, since the Per Head company will assume most of the operational tasks, freeing the Bookie of a large workload. This means that the bookie should only concentrate on a few important tasks, which in most cases could be ended in an hour.

To apply this principle correctly, a good Pay Per Head partner is required to provide the bookie with a wide range of tools and services that allow it to have complete control of all aspects of the business. 

Also, you have to understand that the rule is not infallible and that as the business starts to grow it will demand more and more time from the bookie.

The excuse of not having time to run a betting business is no longer valid, with the help of a good pay per head provider and a little daily dedication, anyone can become a successful bookie.

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