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The Chaotic Betting Market of 2018


The lifted of the Federal Sports Betting Ban, was an event that shocked the world of betting, some months have passed since this news was announced and it seems that we are facing one of the most momentous moments in the history of the betting industry.

While each state tries to determine the best legal framework to allow sports betting, large betting companies rush to expand their operations and be ready to receive bets from new players. Some foreign, mainly European, betting companies have also entered the race to ensure a stable operation on American soil and be able to attract players, which is causing some chaos in the betting industry, as many of the foreign companies are initiating its operations in America through alliances with strategic partners. These alliances are creating even bigger betting companies that are making little bookies nervous because they believe that they will not be able to compete with the bankroll and marketing budgets that these companies will have available.

The small bookies should not fear this situation, because as Confucius said: In the fear of chaos, there is also the opportunity. While large companies negotiate with foreign organizations and are concerned about establishing costly operations in each state. Small bookies should take advantage of this and promote their betting sites throughout the American territory and start working with sub-agents in strategic areas to be the first to capture the new gamblers.

In addition, small bookies have to focus much of their energy in the coming months to retain their current customers and increase their loyalty.

The chaos in the betting industry is just beginning, but large companies tend to be slower to adapt, since their large bureaucratic structures stop them to make quick decisions, small bookies do not have this problem and should take advantage of this factor in their favor and quickly develop strategies to gain an edge on the current state of the market.

The bookies must also remember that in addition to new companies in the betting industry, there also will be a large number of new players who will be eager to make sports bets so the fight will be for a much larger gambler market.

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