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The Concept of 24/7 Wagering


The betting industry is very dynamic and competitive, many bookies claim on their websites and advertising campaigns to have a 24/7 betting service, or what is the same 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But many of those betting sites do not really understand what it means to have a betting service 24 hours a day.

It is usually the bookies that have a partner of Pay Per Head, the ones that place the statement of 24 hours bets as one of its most important features, although for some customers to be able to have a betting service available 24 hours could be something attractive, the reality is that very few customers will call at 3 am to make a bet in the next Yankees game. The real value of having a betting infrastructure that can operate 24 hours a day without interruption is for the bookie since this allows them to take the business to new markets.

By operating with a Pay Per Head partner, bookies have access to a wide range of leagues and sports from around the world, on which players can bet. It is here where the concept of betting 24 hours a day makes sense because while the bookie is sleeping on the other side of the world is taking place a rugby game that attracts a lot of betting action. By having an infrastructure that operates 24 hours a day, the bookie can serve those players on the side of the world where the game of rugby is played and they can place their bets without problems, receiving the same quality of service and support; players won’t even suspect they are dealing with a company that is located in a part of the world where is 2 am, this is the true concept of 24 hours bets.

The bookies that want to be successful must understand that bets 24 hours a day means that they must put to work all the resources provided by the pay per head companies to make sure their betting business never stops and the bets keep coming from all parts of the world, even while the bookie sleeps.

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