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The Difference Between Bookmaker & Bookie


There are a lot of misconceptions around the gambling business; one of the major urban myths is about the figure and role of the bookmaker.  TV and movies have damaged the image of the bookmaker portraying him as a gangster you don’t want to mess with. In real life, a bookmaker is someone who offers odds of the outcome of sports events and makes a profit from the losing player’s bets. That is the most straightforward definition of a Bookmaker because being a bookmaker is quite complex, you have to make your own odds and move lines by yourself, staying updated with the latest sports news. You have to deal with players and find new ones to keep the business growing and keep a record of every player’s bet in order to pay and collect at the end of each sports event.
As you can see being a bookmaker requires lots of work, that’s why thanks to technology there are few bookmakers left and they are becoming bookies, this new type uses the services provided by Pay Per Head companies to build and run their wager business.
Pay Per Head companies provide services that take care of the most annoying and tedious task of the business like customer services, odds making and lines management, leaving the bookie with two main jobs, find new players and pay and collect money from players.
Pay per head providers changed the gambling industry allowing anyone to build a betting business no matter his background and knowledge. Through a pay per head provider, you will be working with experienced betting experts that create lines and betting options that are both attractive for players and profitable for your business, meaning that the bookie no longer needs to be updated about the latest sports news to change lines.
Bookies nowadays are business owners that can focus on the simple yet important task of their business, while a third party like the pay per head providers offers them the infrastructure to support all the business operations at a small cost and with cutting-edge technology.
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