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The Toolbox of Greatest Bookies


One of the advice you get from business gurus and academics is: when you undertake in a business venture you should aim to be the best of your industry. It doesn’t matter if there are already big companies with more money or resources leading that industry, your main goal should be to find a way to counteract those leaders.

For Bookies looking to be the very best of the gambling industry there are several paths they can follow, but for those that are on a tight budget, the best choice is to partner with a Pay Per Head provider. Nowadays per head providers offer more than just a call center for customer services, for example, a big trend in today’s wagering is live betting if a betting site doesn’t offer this option is losing a big market opportunity. Reliable per head companies gives Bookies all the proper tools to offer live betting options, especially reports in real time, this kind of reports are necessary to keep track of every single bet as it happened.

Another great tool from the best pay per head providers is Sports News, this is not a replica of Sports Center, this tool gives bookies access to relevant information that directly affects odds, for example, injuries. Bookies can use this tool to create a Blog and keep their players inform with the latest news or to prevent possible moves in the odds and lines as a result of a player injury, that can affect the balance on the spread.

To complement the sports news tool, bookies have the line mover tool where they can easily move a line up and down, so they can keep the line attractive for players and the balance on both sides of the spread to avoid a nasty surprise that can cost Bookies lots of money.

Bookies that want to neutralize the big betting sites need the comprehensive set of tools and services provided by reliable pay per head companies. This is the best way to be the very best Bookie in the industry at an affordable price. 

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