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The Year of Soccer, What Bookies Should Know About


The clock is ticking and the FIFA World Cup is around the corner, that’s the reason why bookies need to put the foot on the throttle to be ready for the big soccer extravaganza and make a profit out of it.

If you are new in the gambling business and had never experienced a World Cup, here are some key facts you need to know to be ready for the big party:

It’s a one Month Marathon
Unlike the regular season of any other sport, the World Cup demands a huge amount of job during a whole month; the closest event would be March Madness, but at a global scale, there are 3 games daily during the group stage, and since soccer is the most popular sport in the world, the World Cup attracts a lot of first time bettors looking to try their luck. Which means that bookies need to be focus on the action occurring on their betting sites, to avoid a nasty surprise.

You Have to Stand Out
On this marathon, you are going to have lots of competitors hunting for the same preys as you, that’s the reason why you need to stand out, with a strong statement that captivates bettors. For example, during the Euro 2016 one betting site offered a special promotion call Golden Goal that promised to give away around $1 million to any player that predicts the First Goalscorer and the time of the goal in the final game. This kind of promotion is very attractive for first-time bettors since they appear to be an easy way to earn money, but the odds are in the favor of the bookie. Of course, if you are going to run any promotions make sure to have the money to pay the winner, even when is highly unlikely that someone wins.

Betting Features
Finally make sure to have a reliable Pay Per Head provider on your side with a state of the art betting management software that gives you players access to, pre-match and in play betting options since these are some of the options bettors are going to look for.

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