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The balance between mobile and desktop betting


During 2017, many Sportbooks launched their mobile betting solutions in order to serve the vast amount of people that use their smartphones for almost everything and everywhere, even in the toilet; according to Magazine Discounter, 75% of Americans have used their mobile phones in the bathroom. 
Nevertheless, the mobile trend is on the rise, bookies have to be very careful to create a balance between mobile betting and desktop betting, a recent study by ComScore revealed that 58% of Americans' wager activity takes place on mobile devices, while the other 42% prefers to gamble on their desktops or laptops.
These numbers mean that bookies have to work hard to provide a complete and easy to use solution for mobile gambling, but without abandoning their betting site for desktop computers. If you want to keep all your players happy, here are some recommendations:
Establish Priorities
You have to decide to what type of player you want to focus and acquire for your betting business, thus mobile players and desktop players are different targets, for example, if you are a seasoned bookie that already has a betting site with a good player base, the next logical step is to create a mobile version of your wager business to increase your sources of income. 
On the other hand, if you are a rookie in the industry you may prefer to focus first on mobile players and focus all your efforts and marketing budget to acquire them. At the end of the day you want to serve both, because that means more money in your pockets.
Work on Your Image
Both parts of your bookie business have to look nice and sharp, your mobile version have to be compatible with the major operating systems Android and IOS and have a good looking modern easy to use interface that allows players to do all the actions they do on your desktop betting site. To make sure that both your mobile and your desktop versions look good, you need a reliable pay per head provider that has the know how to create and maintain websites and mobile applications for the gambling industry.
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