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The expansion of the US betting market continues with some disputes.


Definitely, 2019 will be a very interesting year in the US betting industry. As more states try to get into the gambling action and legislate their own betting market, tensions between different groups arise. Here we have news from 2 states in which the sports betting legislation advances but with some conflicts.
DC and the possibility of a monopoly
Online and mobile bets will be allowed throughout the state, thanks to the Mayor of the District of Columbia who signed a bill for sports betting. This happens a few months after the DC City Council passed legislation for sports betting.
While it is great news for DC to take this step to legalize sports betting, the American Gaming Association (AGA) is concerned about this, since the DC Council is contemplating giving control of sports betting to the state lottery, what the AGA considers would give the monopoly of the mobile market to the state lottery. The AGA has already publicly expressed its concerns and they hope that the council will at least listen to the position of the other actors involved.

Connecticut and the conflict with the tribes
Since 2017, the state of Connecticut has not been able to make progress in creating legislation for sports betting due to the position of the tribes.
Currently, nine Democratic senators presented a bill, with the purpose of finally moving towards a path that clearly defines the regulation and operation of sports betting. The tribes of the state claim that legalizing sports betting violates the agreements they have with the state and that sports betting falls within their rights.
Due to these conflicts with the tribes, the bill was sent to the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Security for evaluation.
Given these scenarios bookies can begin to offer their services in these states since the longer governments take to legislate sports betting, bettors will have to find other alternatives. You have to remember that betting with an offshore provider is not illegal and does not entail any risk for the bettor, so the Pay Per Head bookies can capture the DC and Connecticut markets from now on.
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