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The money runs more and more in the world of betting.


It seems that there is no limit to the growth of the betting market in New Jersey, according to data revealed by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement in December the state operators handled $ 385.3 million in bets, which establishes a new record for the New Jersey market.
The state's interest in sports betting has not stopped so far in 2019 because for the Super Bowl there are reported bets of $ 35 million just for this event. It is estimated that the betting market grew by 25% from December to January.
With these figures and the growth potential of the market it is no wonder that new operators enter the scene, Churchill Downs Inc's BetAmerica online sportsbook and casino started its operations recently.
An interesting fact to keep in mind is that 80% of the bets registered in New Jersey were online and it is the betting format that grows the most.
This is a very promising scenario for the bookies because as the figures show, the people of New Jersey are very interested in online betting.
Bookies that want to take advantage of the rush for sports betting in New Jersey and in the states that are about to pass legislation to allow sports betting can do so through a good Pay Per Head provider.
Pay Per Head companies are investing thousands of dollars in improving their platforms and services in order to provide bookies with all the tools they need to serve the new and booming US sports betting market.
The betting market in the USA is a sleeping giant that is just beginning to wake up, the bookies have to take advantage of the current moment to settle their business, position themselves as serious and reliable options to place bets and capture as many customers as they can. Having a good Pay Per Head partner will allow them appearing before the market with a professional betting site that has the latest technology and has all the necessary elements to satisfy any type of client.
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