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The potential of multilingual bookies.


There are several Pay Per Head providers in the market who have worked hard and invested a lot of time and money to provide their services in several languages so that their bookies can serve different betting markets around the world. The problem is that many bookies tend to ignore this feature and design only one betting site in English.

Although the English-speaking markets such as USA, UK and Australia are quite large by themselves and can represent a good source of income for bookies, just to serve these markets is to close the door to money, because with a good strategy multilanguage bookies can easily triple their income.

Around the world, sports betting is becoming mainstream, with governments passing laws to regulate their local betting industry, which arouses the interest and willingness of gamblers of those countries, these are opportunities that bookies with a multilanguage strategy could take advantage and diversify their business with a new betting market that will help them to quickly increase the number of bettors on their betting site.

To establish a multi-language strategy for their betting site, bookies should do the following:

Check the installed capacity

As we mentioned many Pay Per Head providers has highly qualified staff who speak several languages fluently, the bookie should corroborate for which languages their Pay Per Head provider has support for. Once confirmed this the bookie should investigate the potential of the betting market for countries that speak that language, this research should provide information to the bookie as for example what kind of sports are the most popular, what types of bets bettors prefer those countries and what payment platforms they use. With this information, the bookie must once again check with his pay per head provider that it has all the tools, betting lines and platforms needed to serve that market.

Marketing strategy

Once the bookie is sure that it has everything necessary to serve the new market, he must design a marketing strategy to promote the betting site. This strategy should contemplate the design of a new betting site in the language of the market that is intended to serve. Thanks to Pay Per Head's suppliers, bookies can design and operate several betting sites to serve different markets, so if they have a good Pay Per Head partner, bookies should have no problem launching a new betting site in a second language. Marketing materials such as banners and other types of assets should be also designed in the language of the betting marketing the bookie is going to attack.

Serving a new market especially if the bookie doesn't speak the language can be difficult, but thanks to the pay per head providers bookies can serve as many markets as they want around the world without problems.

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