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Tips for the success from really successful people.


For centuries we have been searching for the recipe for success. Around 304 BC. Zeno a rich merchant, shipwrecked during a trip through the Mediterranean. In the shipwreck he lost everything, without merchandise and riches he arrived in Athens where he discovered philosophy. With his new philosophical knowledge and based on his extensive experience as a trader he poses the concepts of stoicism, a set of simple and practical rules to obtain better results with less effort. The philosophical current of Stoicism continues to this day, where great and successful entrepreneurs like Tim Ferris, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos and even Mark Zuckerberg apply it.
Here are some of the rules of stoicism that bookies can apply to grow their betting businesses and achieve success.
Constant Learning
One of the keys of stoicism is to make us aware that we do not know everything and that we must work every day to improve and expand our knowledge. For this reason, successful people like Bill Gates and Barack Obama are persistent readers and they try to acquire new knowledge constantly. Bookies can apply this practice easily by keeping up to date with industry news by following blogs, news websites and attending conventions. There are also many online courses through which bookies can perfect skills such as marketing or accounting that will allow them to be more effective in managing their betting business.
Handle time in your favor
Time is the most valuable resource we have, we can not buy more and once we lost it went away forever. For this reason, we must effectively manage the time we have and try to focus on really productive things. Having a good Pay Per Head provider allows bookies to have more control over their time since through the services and platforms offered by these companies bookies can delegate many of the daily tasks of the business, which allows them to focus on the key tasks that really matter.
Handle money wisely
Having money does not mean you have to spend all the money. For example, the New York Knicks player Tres Burke earns more than a million dollars a year, but he assigned himself $ 5,000 a month to live. The bookies must be assigned a monthly salary based on the income generated by their betting business and try to save the rest of the business income to reinvest or use them in times of emergency.
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