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Trends of the gambling industry for 2019.


The world of betting is evolving and changing constantly, mainly due to technological advances that cause a profound change in the behavior of bettors. The bookies have to keep abreast of all trends and changes that may affect the industry, in order to determine the right strategies and be able to get the most out of these trends.

To help the bookies to carry out their strategies for next year, we present the 3 trends that will dominate the world of betting in 2019:

Mobile bets
For several years mobile bets have been gaining ground, but thanks to the high penetration of mobile devices such as smartphones and broadband internet connections in these devices mobile bets are shaping up to be the biggest trend in the world of betting in 2019. Bookies need to provide their customers with a mobile betting solution that allows them to fund their accounts, check their balance and place bets at any time of the day and from anywhere. In addition, the mobile betting solution that the bookie offers its customers should also allow them to access online casino games and live betting options. The bookie that does not have a good betting app or a responsive betting site that can be seen on mobile devices will lose a lot of market in 2019.

Women  Bettors 
More and more women are using betting sites. Some companies report that up to 40% of their active players in the online casino are women. Games like bingo and slots are the most sought after by women. In 2019 this trend is expected to continue increasing, so bookies should pay more attention and generate strategies to attract this market.

No matter what happens in the financial markets with cryptocurrencies, as far as the betting industry is concerned, cryptocurrencies are here to stay. In 2019 the bookies must work to strengthen their operations with cryptocurrencies by expanding the offer of cryptocurrencies that they accept and by growing their bankroll of cryptocurrencies.
The best way to be prepared for any change or new trend that impacts the betting industry is to have the help of a good pay per head provider, as these companies are always at the forefront ready to implement any innovation that benefits and facilitate the life of the bookies.

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