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Typical tricks of bettors every bookie should know


The bookies must know their players in depth so that they can satisfy all their needs, but also to know all the tricks and traps that they use in their desire to beat the house and get a good profit. As we mentioned in the past in a healthy betting site there are always winners and losers and this dynamic keeps the money circulating and generating income for the bookie, the problem is when a player earns a lot of money at once or wins too many times in a row.

Below we present the main strategies that some bettors use, in order that bookies can be prepared to face them:

A great bet
Some players looking to get a big win and improve their winning odds avoid Parlay-type bets and concentrate on making a big bet, for a single team, usually these bets range between $ 5,000 and $ 10,000 or more. A single bet of this type can be a hard blow for a small bookie if the player comes to win, so the bookie must be very careful when these types of bets are given and balance the odd in the best way he can. The betting alert and bet limit tools provided by pay per head providers are very useful for managing and avoiding this type of situation.

They avoid the obvious
Thanks to the pay per head providers, the bookies can offer an almost infinite number of betting options, not only related to the final result of a game, but also for situations that may occur in a game. Players who try to beat the house use this in their favor, and for example, they bet on a player scoring a goal, or that a player will be the highest scorer of the night. This type of betting gives them in many cases much more likely to win. The bookies should be very attentive to avoid surprises that can be very expensive in some of these bets.

They do not use a single betting site
With such a wide range of betting sites, players trying to gain an advantage by using several sites at the same time, comparing services, betting options, odds, and promotions. The bookies must follow up their competition to know which sites are offering better conditions in order to determine if these can be a threat in the long term and may end up taking a lot of their players.

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