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UEFA Champions League Final, a great opportunity for bookies.


Bookies that focus on the US market, tend not to pay much attention to the world of Soccer. But we must remember that Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and the next final of the UEFA Champions League will be an event that will attract the attention of everyone, including the USA gamblers.

The final that will be played next June 1 in Madrid, Spain will be between Tottenham and Liverpool, two teams of the Premier League. In the beginning, this final does not seem like a big deal since two teams of the same league are going to face each other. But it's how these teams reached the final that makes it so interesting. In the case of Liverpool, they made their move to the final after defeating the favorite Barcelona 4 to 3 on the global scoreboard and turning a score of 3 to 0 in favor of Barcelona in the first leg. The case of Tottenham is very similar, as they had lost their first game against Ajax, but managed to win the second. The global scoreboard ended in a tie, but since visiting goals have double value this gives the pass to Tottenham. Ajax was the favorite to win the series as during the competition it left out teams like Cristiano Ronaldo's Juventus and the current UEFA Champions League champion Real Madrid.

As we see we have the perfect match between 2 underdogs for the final of the UEFA Champions League, this is great news for bookies, since this type of games is what tend to attract more casual players, who are influenced by all the news and media coverage that is generated around these teams. To all this, we must add that these two teams come from a country that is well known for its fondness for betting, so it is likely that in the UK both fans and non-fans will be looking for a place to place their bets.

The UEFA Champions League final is going to be one of the most important sporting events in June; bookies must ensure that they have a good Pay Per Head partner to make the most out of this event.

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