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Understanding the Live Betting feature of your Pay Per Head


Live betting is a betting feature that is still not widely used and promoted by the bookies. This may be because they do not understand well how the tool works and the great opportunity it represents to increase their profits.

In order to help bookie to take advantage of this amazing tool, here are some important things to know about live betting:

How it Works
Live betting is a platform where bettors can place wagers while a match is played. Unlike traditional betting where bettors place their bets based on the information available prior to the game. With the live betting tool, bettors can wager based on what is happening in the game. An algorithm creates the odds that are offered to bettors through the live betting platform, and those odds are carefully monitored by live traders who take the necessary actions like place betting restrictions or suspend a game if the final result is inevitable. The live traders are there to make sure that the bettors do not have an unfair advantage that could affect the pockets of the bookie.

The Live Betting Platform
Most reliable Pay Per Head providers offer user-friendly live betting platforms that don’t require downloads and with just a simple log in bettors can start wager. The platform has a console that refreshes itself when the betting odds are updated.  This console also provides a scoreboard where all the relevant statistics of the game are reflected and updated as they happen. Bettors can have all the information they need and in several languages since most live betting platforms offer Multilanguage support.

It’s a Gold Mine
Live betting is gold mine for bookies that want to increase their monthly revenue, thanks to the real-time grading, which means that all wagers are graded instantly since the results update automatically, so bettors can wager almost immediately with the funds they earn on each wager, this increase the overall volume of wagers per game, increasing the bookies profit. 

Live betting options are available for almost every sports league from NFL, NBA, NHL to MLB and even Golf and Tennis, which means that bookies can offer betting options for every taste.

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